Programs Offered

Transitioning from dependency and hopelessness is a difficult process for anyone, especially for someone about to become a new mother. Room At The Inn offers a variety of programs designed to help these young women develop the skills necessary to successfully meet their own goals and aspirations.

Services offered by Room At The Inn include:

The Mary C. Nussbaum Maternity Home: Licensed by the Department of NC Health and Human Services to provide residential maternity care, the Mary C. Nussbaum Maternity Home provides shelter, food, clothing, transportation, case management, life skills education and counseling in a structured environment. Located in Greensboro, NC, the home provides services to homeless, pregnant NC residents 18 or over. Clients may have other children.

Supported Community Living Services: Graduates of the maternity home program who want to enter or return to college are eligible for our Supported Community Living Services for single mothers attending college. In addition to housing, we provide case management, counseling, childcare, financial/material assistance and tutoring/life skills education. Residential services are provided at the following facilities:
Amy's House: Located in Greensboro, NC.
The Back Yard Ministry of the Cherry Street United Methodist Church: Located in Kernersville, NC.

Pratt Proverbs 31 Formation Program: Residents in the maternity home program are invited to participate in the Pratt Proverbs 31 Program. Participants get involved in the faith community of their choice and/or suitable volunteer programs. Participants are able to grow spiritually and as responsible, caring women. Participation is completely voluntary and no client is denied other services for declining to participate in this program.

Aftercare Program: The graduates of our programs continue to be an important part of our family even after the birth of their children. Quarterly alumni meetings are conducted at the maternity home. Clients are eligible for material assistance and counseling for up to five years after the birth of their children.


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